These short videos summarise the main points of some of the most successful artsmethods workshops.

Introductory videos

Video: World literature

Introduction to world literature, with Dr Letizia Alterno and Dr Veronica Barnsley.

Video: Philology and criticism

Introduction to philology and criticism, with Dr Iain Bailey.

Video: Queer theory

Introduction to queer theory, with Dr Rebecca Pohl.

Video: History and the digital archive

Introduction to history and the digital archive, with Ed Owens.

Video: Theoretical frameworks in research

Introduction to using theoretical frameworks in research with Dr Letizia Alterno.

Video: Anthropological research methods

Introduction to anthropological research methods with Dr Ian Fairweather.

The 'using ...' series

Video: Using Adorno

Using Adorno in humanities research, with Dr Robert Spencer.

Video: Using Deleuze

Using Deleuze in humanities research, with Professor Margaret Littler.

Video: Using Bourdieu

Using Bourdieu in humanities research, with Dr Matthew Philpotts.

Video: Using Visual Methods

Using visual methods in contemporary humanities research with Su Corcoran.

Video: Using Jurgen Habermas

Using the work of Habermas in contemporary humanities research with Dr Michael Hoelzl.

PhD career skills

Video: Organising a conference

PhD career skills video about organising an academic conference or event, with Hannah Mansell.

Video: Social media

PhD career skills: Social media for conference organisers with Scott Midson.

Video: Publishing in journals

PhD career skills video about publishing in academic journals, with Dr David Matthews.