PGR-led events

PGR-led initiatives make a significant contribution to the research culture in the humanities at Manchester.

Current initiatives

PGR-led initiatives taking place in 2019-20:

  • East-European Paratexts at Home and Abroad
  • Russian Culture after 2010
  • Poetry Emergency II - a North West Radical Poetry Festival 
  • HIV Humanities Manchester: Reza Abdoh: A Documentary Film Screening 
  • Iron Age Research Students Symposium 
  • Manchester Forum in Linguistics 2020
  • Community Curators: Inside the Pharmacy Collection  
  • EAC Work in Progress Seminars (EWiPS)
  • Sexuality Summer School
  • M6 Medieval Reading Group
  • BAME speaker series  
  • Hegemony, System and Power: Global Order beyond International Liberalism
  • Riot, Rebellion, Resistance, Repression: State of Violence Conference
  • Gender and the State: Seminar with subsequent reading groups
  • Jewish-Muslim Research Network
  • State of Violence Research Network
  • The Society for the History of Women in the Americas Conference
  • History Postgraduate Seminar
  • Colonial Knowledges: Environment and Logistics in the Creation of Knowledge in British Colonies from 1750 to 1950
  • Beauty, Bioethics and the Body
  • Gender and Sexuality in/around Islam and Judaism
  • HIV/AIDs in the 21st Century: Memorialisation, Representation and Temporality
  • The Represented, the Aesthetic and the Human through Visual Creative Practice

Past initiatives

Events organised by postgraduates are expected to enhance the professional development of participants as career researchers.

They should have a methodological or theoretical focus and are expected to be interdisciplinary in nature, as well as bringing together research communities from across Manchester, the North West and beyond.

Examples are:

  • research seminars and symposia
  • reading groups
  • researcher workshops
  • atelier
  • public engagement events
  • bespoke research methods activities and training