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PGR-led events

PGR-led initiatives make a significant contribution to the research culture in the humanities at Manchester.

Current initiatives

PGR-led initiatives taking place in 2019-20:

  • East-European Paratexts at Home and Abroad 
  • Russian Culture after 2010
  • Poetry Emergency II - a North West Radical Poetry Festival 
  • HIV Humanities Manchester: Reza Abdoh: A Documentary Film Screening 
  • Iron Age Research Students Symposium 
  • Manchester Forum in Linguistics 2020
  • Community Curators: Inside the Pharmacy Collection  
  • EAC Work in Progress Seminars (EWiPS)
  • Sexuality Summer School
  • M6 Medieval Reading Group
  • BAME speaker series  
  • Hegemony, System and Power: Global Order beyond International Liberalism
  • Riot, Rebellion, Resistance, Repression: State of Violence Conference 
  • Gender and the State: Seminar with subsequent reading groups 
  • Jewish-Muslim Research Network 
  • State of Violence Research Network 
  • The Society for the History of Women in the Americas Conference 
  • History Postgraduate Seminar
  • Colonial Knowledges: Environment and Logistics in the Creation of Knowledge in British Colonies from 1750 to 1950
  • Beauty, Bioethics and the Body 
  • Gender and Sexuality in/around Islam and Judaism
  • HIV/AIDs in the 21st Century: Memorialisation, Representation and Temporality 
  • The Represented, the Aesthetic and the Human through Visual Creative Practice 

Past initiatives

IPCITI 2018 | Negotiating Power in Translation and Interpreting:

Agency, Representation, Ideology


Events organised by postgraduates are expected to enhance the professional development of participants as career researchers.

They should have a methodological or theoretical focus and are expected to be interdisciplinary in nature, as well as bringing together research communities from across Manchester, the North West and beyond.

Examples are:

  • research seminars and symposia
  • reading groups
  • researcher workshops
  • atelier
  • public engagement events
  • bespoke research methods activities and training