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Researcher-led events

Postgraduate conferences and researcher-led initiatives make a significant contribution to the research culture in the humanities at Manchester.

Current initiatives

Researcher-led initiatives taking place in 2016-17:

  • Manchester Postcolonial Atelier
  • Manchester Forum in Linguistics 2017
  • English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing
  • History Postgraduate Seminar
  • Sexuality Summer School
  • Alternative Families: Childcare and Parental Figures in History
  • Gender and Culture in Contemporary Saudi Society
  • Troubling Time: An Exploration of Temporality in the Arts
  • Everyday Revolutions in Southern and Eastern Europe
  • Critical Discourses in the Academy Seminar Series
  • Women on the Verge: Transformations in Literature, Gender and Society

Past initiatives

  • Gender and sexuality atelier
  • Manchester Postcolonial Reading Group and Atelier
  • 21c Scottish Fiction
  • 'Religions, Environments and Popular Culture'
  • International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting Researching the Periphery in late-Imperial and early-Soviet Russia
  • Images, Icons and Idols
  • Semantics
  • History PG Seminars
  • Feminist Reading Group
  • Manchester Forum in Linguistics
  • Exploring Ethnicity
  • Modernist, Music and Political Aesthetics
  • Rethinking Representation
  • Gender North West Conference
  • Beyond Speech
  • Quo Vardis Labour?
  • Critical Theory talks
  • Reading Folk
  • Sexuality Summer School
  • Filmmaking in and around North Africa
  • Pint of Science - our Social World
  • Squatting to be saved
  • Raymond Willliams Now
  • Time, Freedom and Narrative
  • REALab - freelance collaborations between researchers and external partners

Events organised by postgraduates are expected to enhance the professional development of participants as career researchers.

They should have a methodological or theoretical focus and are expected to be interdisciplinary in nature, as well as bringing together research communities from across Manchester, the North West and beyond.

Examples are:

  • research seminars and symposia
  • reading groups
  • researcher workshops
  • atelier
  • public engagement events
  • bespoke research methods activities and training